Langerhans Cell Sarcoma

Langerhans Cell Sarcoma


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I would love to hear from any one that has the condition, has a friend , relative or child with the condition. If you are a medical professional overseas and have treated Langerhans Cell Sarcoma, or if you simply need to ask a question.


I am not in the medical field, just a mum that wants to research and find as much information as I can to help my son and others that are afflicted with this very very rare sarcoma. 

The information and links on this site are simply what I have found whist researching and are by no means conclusive or mean't to provide any medical advice. For that you must find a hospital that specializes in Sarcoma. These usually have multidisciplinary teams that will work together to provide you with good medical care. 

What I do know is that sarcomas are very rare and most GP's will only see a few in their entire career.  


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